Senator Kim Ward’s Statement Regarding 2020 Election:

“Our Republican House and Senate offices are being blasted with calls and emails asking us to step in and appoint electors. As of right now the results aren’t even final. The media doesn’t get to call the race and determine the final outcome. The voters do. There are over 100,000 provisional ballots still out. After the provisional ballots are counted, if the final number is within a half of one percent, there will be an automatic recount as required by PA law. Presently the margin is a little more than a half of one percent. Even if the margin does not require a recount the Trump campaign is entitled to ask for one. We are in the constitutional process that our framers laid out for us. We need to give the Trump campaign room to pursue any legal action they deem appropriate, as Al Gore did in 2000. They have and will pursue numerous law suits.  We need to allow the process to unfold and keep our options open. We are staying on top of this situation.” -Senator Kim Ward


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