Meeting to consider SB 793, HB 364 and HB 1597


Senate Transportation Committee

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 | 1:15 p.m. (Time Approx,)

Off the Floor (Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation)

S.B. 793 (Brooks): Exempts municipal trucks from State bonding requirements.

  • Amendment No. 6042 (K. Ward): Creates an omnibus of commercial vehicle issues, including changes to how a dozer blade is hauled, waiving the CDL requirement to operate snow plow trucks in an emergency and eliminating the letters of determination for the at-risk timber industry.

H.B. 364 (Gabler): Provides the option to install yellow lights on school vehicles.

  • Amendment No. 6105 (Bartolotta): Includes technical changes, and modernizes the school bus camera legislation (Act 159of 2018).

H.B. 1597 (Gillen): Designates the Corporal Mahlon L. Fink Iwo Jima Memorial Highway in Berks County.

  • Amendment No. 6048 (K. Ward): Creates an omnibus of designations, including H.B. 1870 (Topper), H.B. 1973 (Gregory), H.B. 2000 (Murt), H.B.2001 (Murt), H.B. 2116 (Dowling), H.B. 2117 (Dowling), H.B. 2256 (O’Mara) and others.