Meeting to consider House Bill 1469 and House Bill 298

Senate Labor and Industry Committee

Thursday, June 21, 2018 | Off-the-Floor

Senate Rules Room, Main Capitol

House Bill 1469 (Heffley) – Allows building permit applicants to use an alternative third-party agency in municipalities which have one third-party agency enforcing the Uniform Construction Code, provided the alternative TPA remits a surcharge to the municipality. Requires written notice of options on building permit applications. Establishes a process for the Department of Labor & Industry to investigate and remedy complaints about code officials. 

  • A08519 (Laughlin) – Strikes the language in P.N. 2186 and replaces it with a requirement that municipalities utilizing third party agencies to enforce the Uniform Construction Code contract with two or more third parties. Provides for a waiver for municipalities that are unable to obtain two or more third parties.

House Bill 298 (Delozier) – Amends the PA Construction Code Act to allow the Department of Labor & Industry to create, by regulation, a separate on-the-job training classification for each building code official certification. 

  • AA08280 (Ward) – Clarifies that on-the-job training shall include direct supervision by the sponsor.