To Consider SB 183

Senate Labor and Industry Committee

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
10:00 a. m.

Room 461 (Main Capital)

Senate Bill 183, Printer’s No. 173 (McGarrigle) – Summary– An Act establishing the State Board of Plumbing Contractors within the Department of Labor and Industry and granting the Board the authority to regulate the licensing of individuals involved in providing plumbing services. The Act also provides that no individual may hold him or herself out as an Apprentice plumber, a Journeyman plumber, or a Master plumber unless licensed by the Board. 

A01525 (Ward) – Summary– clarifies that the State Board of Plumbing Contractors only has the power to regulate and license individuals providing plumbing services who hold themselves out as master plumbers, journeyman plumbers, apprentice plumbers or licensed plumbing contractors and clarifies liability insurance requirements if the applicant is an employee of a master plumber or licensed plumbing contractor. 

A01655 (Ward)technical amendment that strikes the phrase “all of the following have occurred” on page 13, line 5 to make it consistent with language on page 20, line 3.