Ward: Senate Votes to Expand Protections for Gun Owners Acting in Self-Defense

Harrisburg – Legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Kim Ward (R-39) to protect Pennsylvanians who act in self-defense was approved today by the state Senate.

Senate Bill 273 would expand Castle Doctrine protections by removing the “duty to retreat” clause when an individual is threatened by an attacker in any place that individual has a right to be, including the individual’s home or vehicle.

Under the legislation, an individual would need to demonstrate a reasonable belief that he or she was in imminent danger in order to use lethal force.

“For too many law-abiding Pennsylvania gun owners, fending off an attacker can be just the beginning of an arduous ordeal, facing civil litigation or even criminal prosecution,” said Ward. “This legislation will help prevent law-abiding citizens from being victimized a second time.”

Senate Bill 273 will now be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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