Senator Kim Ward Responds to PA Public Utility Commission Approval of Merger Application Between First Energy Corporation and Allegheny Energy Corp.

Greensburg, PA – State Senator Kim Ward (R-39th) responded today to the PA Public Utility Commission’s (P.U.C.) approval of the merger application between First Energy Corp. and Allegheny Energy.  The application was approved this morning at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Commission.  By a vote of 3-2, the P.U.C. upheld the provisions of a prior settlement guaranteeing jobs and rate credits for Allegheny Energy employees and customers.

“It is a sad day to see another corporate headquarters leave our area; however it is encouraging that the P.U.C. Commissioners publicly stated that First Energy should relocate their corporate headquarters here, and that they will be closely monitoring the job movements at the Greensburg facility,” stated Ward.  “I will be working with the Commission to keep them informed on whether First Energy’s commitments are being upheld,” concluded Ward.

Prior to the P.U.C. meeting held today at 10:30am, Ward hand-delivered a letter to the Secretary for the Commission urging them ensure that the commitments made by First Energy in an earlier settlement agreement for both job retention and electrical rate credits be honored. The letter was read aloud by the Chairman of the P.U.C. prior to deliberation on the application.

“The jobs have always been a priority to me because of the economic impact it will have on the communities and the workers in this district; however, the $11 million in customer credits for existing West Penn customers over the next three years will benefit all ratepayers, and I didn’t want that to be altered,” continued Ward.

“Throughout this application process the P.U.C. Commission members have been sensitive to these issues, and I appreciate their attentiveness to my concerns,” she concluded.


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