Sen. Kim Ward Blasts Rendell’s Tax Increase Idea

(Greensburg, Pa.)  State Senator Kim Ward (R-39th) said Governor Rendell’s proposed three year tax increase will only add a new burden to taxpayers already hit hard in the current recession.

“At a time when Pennsylvania families are being squeezed financially and remain fearful about employment prospects, Gov. Rendell’s idea of adding to their tax burden is a bad idea,” Ward said.

“Gov. Rendell is placing the responsibility of cleaning up the current budget mess on Pennsylvania families by proposing to raise their taxes.  Rendell should not be passing the buck; he should be showing leadership and join the Pennsylvania Senate in making the tough decisions,” Ward said.

“The choice is simple – we can rein in government spending or we can increase taxes.  The Senate has chosen not to raid the pockets of Pennsylvanians,” she added.

“Governor Rendell and the House Democratic leadership have done nothing to move forward in adopting a new fiscal year budget,” she said, adding, “instead they have chosen to complain about the Senate’s budget, and float their tax increase ideas around the Commonwealth through taxpayer-funded bus trips and media releases.”

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