State Senator Kim Ward to Introduce Bills That Rein In PA Gaming Board Expenses

(HARRISBURG, PA) –Pennsylvania State Senator Kim Ward (R-39) announced today that she will be introducing two bills in the State Senate that are aimed at establishing stricter requirements on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.  The first will be Senate Bill 810 which will require the State’s Auditor General to perform annual audits of the State Gaming Fund and the PA Gaming and Economic Development Tourism Fund.

“Currently, the Auditor General is not required to audit the funds on an annual basis.  In this day and age of transparency, there is no reason the Auditor General’s office shouldn’t be performing that function on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth,” stated Ward.

In addition to the required audit, Senate Bill 810 will also mandate that State Gaming Control Board officials and staff only be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred during travel.  Audits of these reimbursements would also be a requirement in this bill.

“The purpose of this provision is to eliminate the chances of abuse by requiring these Gaming Control Board officials and staff to provide receipts for their expenses, rather than getting lump sum checks prior to their travel,” continued Ward.

Senator Ward also will be introducing Senate Bill 811 that will prohibit Gaming Control Board officials and staff from entering into lease arrangements for vehicles that would be paid for by Gaming Funds.  The Bill would require Gaming Control Board officials to utilize the Department of General Services fleet vehicles for necessary business travel.

“Regardless of whether you are a Gaming Control Board official or a member of this legislative body, it is imperative that we begin restoring stronger fiscal accountability on behalf of the taxpayers,” finished Ward.

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